Bespoke or custom made full length wedding gowns start at $1,150.00 inclusive of materials. (No alteration costs)
Bespoke or custom made tea length wedding gowns start at $700.00 inclusive of materials. (No alteration costs)
Bespoke or custom made ball gowns start at $700 inclusive of materials. (No alteration costs)
Each individually designed gown is quoted by how much work will be involved, the type of fabrics/laces used and the amount needed.
To confirm your booking a 20% deposit is required. Once confirmed your deposit is payable within 7 days of receiving your confirmation letter (by email). 
Yes, we do offer a payment plan. The more notice given to make your gown the longer you have to pay it off. Please discuss the payment plan with DWB 

Generally a minimum of 7 months notice before your wedding date. Time frames may vary depending on how many clients DWB have booked for that period. It is not unusual for a bride to book 12 - 18 months prior to their wedding date to secure the services of DWB.

No it is not a problem. This is part of having fittings. However there is a maintain weight point and no more weight can be lost. DWB will advise when this is.

DWB supplies all fabrics needed. Fabric quality plays an important role in the look and quality of the finished gown. There is the odd ocassion a client provides their own lace. Please discuss beforehand.

Due to COPYRIGHT and the fact we do not own the patterns we like to advise that we will not & do not make exact copies of gowns based on bridal magazine or internet pictures. Pictures can be used as inspiration. So a design similar in style to the picture or pictures you have can be discussed

DWB will supply an estimate without a consult. An estimate is a guide of the cost until a consult takes place where fabrics, design etc are confirmed. Therefore the actual price may vary after this. A firm quote will then be sent before signing up. Please note that if changes are made, after accepting the quote, they may incur costs - e.g. drastic design change where more fabric is needed.

Yes. DWB has a small collection of studio sample gowns to try on. Each of my custom designed gowns can be made as per the sample or if design permits it can be modified to what the client would like. Please note that samples are sizes 10 -12.

With a DWB gown you start with a consult. Discuss the design. Draw up a design. If you are not 100% sure of the design, it's not a problem. We just need somewhere to start. You look at samples of fabrics and if having lace, bling, trims etc we look at them as well. A quote is then worked out and is emailed through to you (usually within 24 hours). We will, however, send estimates without a consult as we know how busy a bride can be. You can then decide if you wish to make an appointment. Our consults are obilgation free. There is no pressure.

When you book our services there is number of appointments. You start with measurements and design confirmation. Your first dress fitting is in calico. This is a mock of your dress. Where you can make changes (eg - Want less fullness in your skirt or a higher neckline). After this you have your fabric fittings. There is always a minimum of 4. There is no fitting limit. You are welcome to bring someone along to fittings. Though we suggest no more than two. It can end up confusing the bride if there are too many opinions.

Yes, they are cost free and obligation free.

DWB quotes or estimates are valid for 10 days from the date emailed. Over many years in business we have found this is a sufficent amount of time for a potential client to decide if they wish to use the services of DWB. Any relevant notes, details or sketches pertaining to this quote are discarded should you not make an obligation free consult appointment or accept this quote within the 10 days.

No. DWB does not do alterations on ready made or off the rack gowns. The only alterations DWB will do are on our own ready made sample sale gowns (additional costs)

DWB does not make bridesmaid dresses or mother of the bride or mother of the groom dresses. DWB will make the flowergirl dresses only when making the wedding gown.